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Date/Time Band(s) Playing Where Cost Age Notes* Other Comments
Tue, Dec 12
Grizzly Bear, Serpentwithfeet  Warfield    a/a  # ***  $38.50-$50 
Tue, Dec 12
Emily Zisman, Karlyn DeSteno  Octopus Literary Salon, Oakland  free  a/a  **   
Tue, Dec 12
Totonoko, Grace Sings Sludge, Tyler Jordan And the Negative Space (Austin)  Octopus Literary Salon, Oakland  $5  a/a  **   
Tue, Dec 12
Song and Dance Trio, Wong/Nishi/McCowen/Fei, Adria Otte  Uptown, Oakland    21+  **   
Tue, Dec 12
Julien Baker, Half Waif, Adam Torres  Fillmore  $22.50  a/a  # **   
Tue, Dec 12
The Spill Canvas  Social Hall, S.F.  $16  a/a  # **   
Tue, Dec 12
Hundredth, Spotlights, Tennis System, Gleemer  Bottom of the Hill  $15  a/a  *** @   
Tue, Dec 12
John Mayer, Maren Morris  Masonic, S.F.    a/a  # **  $105-$75 (97.3 Alice in Winterland) 
Tue, Dec 12
Odes  Rite Spot, S.F.    a/a  **   
Tue, Dec 12
Body Void, Weltesser (St. Petersburg, FL), Brume, dj Rob Metal  Knockout, S.F.  $8  21+  ** @   
Tue, Dec 12
The Throwups, Superchaos, Scrim  Hemlock  $7  21+  **   
Tue, Dec 12
The Grouch, Del The Funky Homosapien, dj Fresh  Catalyst  $25/$29  16+  ***   
Tue, Dec 12
Flobots, Bang Data  Humboldt Brews, 856 10th Street, Arcata    ?/?  ***   
Tue, Dec 12
canceled: Day Of Errors, Witch Mountain  Great American Music Hall         

* Key to notes:

*recommendable shows a/aall ages
$will probably sell out @pit warning
^under 21 must buy drink tickets #no ins/outs

Club Addresses

Name Address/Phone
Bottom of the Hill



Great American Music Hall


Humboldt Brews, 856 10th Street, Arcata

Knockout, S.F.

Masonic, S.F.

Octopus Literary Salon, Oakland

Rite Spot, S.F.

Social Hall, S.F.

Uptown, Oakland


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This currently uses data from Steve Koepke's mighty fine "The List", available via email or "finger" or here. When I find other sources of event listings, I'll try to include them too.
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