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Here are some shows that may match what you're looking for (club addresses/phone numbers are below). If you want, try another search at the bottom of this page.

Date/Time Band(s) Playing Where Cost Age Notes* Other Comments
Mon, May 29
Gouge Away, Super Unison, Provoke  1-2-3-4 Go! Records, Oakland    a/a  ***   
Mon, May 29
Smelly Kelley & Friends, 77 El Deora, The Evangenitals, Angelica Rockne  El Rio  $10  21+  **  (BBQ) 
Mon, May 29
Healing Potpourri, Roadie, The Lovebirds  El Rio  $5  21+  **  ($3 with password "Medley") 
Mon, May 29
Gaviotas, The Mud Lords, Pece Fisco, Outer District  Elbo Room  $6  21+  **   
Mon, May 29
Mega Ran, Roqy Tyraid  AFK Gamer Lounge, 163 West Santa Clara Street, San Jose    a/a  **   

* Key to notes:

*recommendable shows a/aall ages
$will probably sell out @pit warning
^under 21 must buy drink tickets #no ins/outs

Club Addresses

Name Address/Phone
1-2-3-4 Go! Records, Oakland

AFK Gamer Lounge, 163 West Santa Clara Street, San Jose

El Rio

Elbo Room

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This currently uses data from Steve Koepke's mighty fine "The List", available via email or "finger" or here. When I find other sources of event listings, I'll try to include them too.
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