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NEW! February 1, 2005--The distance function works again! If you want to search for shows near home, enter your address and a distance in the form below. Sorry it wasn't working for a while. (Note that it's not 100% accurate, because the addresses for some clubs aren't clear.)

Find a rock show in the Bay Area! Fill in any fields you care about, submit your query, and our hamsters will churn out a list of upcoming shows that match your query (at least the shows we know about).

This currently uses data from Steve Koepke's mighty fine "The List", available via email or "finger" or here. When I find other sources of event listings, I'll try to include them too.
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More about the fields:

The show information is all approximate, of course. Some info gets lost or mangled in the translation into my database, but most of it gets through OK.

Band Name, Club Name:

These will match all bands or clubs that contain the text you entered. In other words, it matches substrings, case-insensitively.


This will take most things you throw at it. You can use abbreviated or full month or day names, "today", "tomorrow", "next weekend", "next thur", day numbers or date ranges like "4-10", etc. You can include multiple dates, like "mar 15-18, 21 22 23, april, this friday". Upper/lower case doesn't matter. To match "any date", leave this field blank and uncheck the "today" checkbox.

Age Limit:

If you or someone you're going with is under 21, give that person's age to only list shows you can go to.

Price Limit:

For when your allowance is running out. Note: We're missing the price for a lot of shows, so we list shows that would match but we don't know their price. If the price isn't listed and it's important, check before going.

Distance Limit, Address:

Feel like walking somewhere, or only driving a short distance? Give a maximum distance and an address, and we'll only list shows happening within that distance of that address. For the second address line, either a zip code or city/state is enough. If you leave out the second line, we'll try San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley.

Once you've entered your address the first time, you don't have to enter it the next time you come here-- we use cookies to remember it. You can always enter a new address to change it. If you don't like cookies, tell me and I'll (eventually) add an option to disable them.

The distances are flying distance, not driving distance. Unfortunately, the driving-distance calculation takes a lot longer, several seconds per club, so I decided not to use it.

Also, a lot of shows are missing addresses (at least in our database, sorry). So unlike the price limit above, this distance search leaves out shows with unknown addresses. Otherwise, you'd get an extra hundred or so matching shows. To see shows with unknown addresses, don't do a distance search.

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