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January 26. 2019-- released CGIProxy 2.2.4, with an improved UI, far less prone to display bugs. Also, most websites work through it again.

I wrote some instant tutorials on CGI, HTML, and HTTP to get you up to speed fast. They're called CGI Made Really Easy, HTML Made Really Easy, and HTTP Made Really Easy. If you know what a text file is, you can be writing HTML within an hour. If you're a programmer, you can be writing CGI scripts within an hour. If you know sockets programming, you can understand HTTP within an hour.

The Web Tools section has various tools I've written to help with Web sites. So far, there's a CGI script that acts as an HTTP/FTP proxy (lets you access otherwise-inaccessible URLs), a DBM file editor, a multi-featured link-checker, and a Perl module that lets you pre-fill HTML form fields according to a hash you give it. Enjoy!

Check out the Election Simulator, an interactive Java applet that models an election of several candidates. Political positions are mapped into a plane rather than the traditional "right-wing, left-wing" line. In automatic mode, candidates alter their position to maximize their votes. Among other things, it demonstrates how a two-party system is fundamentally different from a three or more -party system, and how three or more parties allow change while two do not.

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and you like live music, ask my Live Music in the Bay Area database which bands are playing where on what nights, within how many miles of your address. (Currently, the data comes from Steve Koepke's "The List", which focuses on "funk-punk-thrash-ska", which may or may not be your cup of tea.)

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